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Sandblasting, Shotblasting & Spraypainting

Munster Truck and Trailer's sandblasting, shotblasting and spraypainting
workshop uses only the highest quality equipment and materials which ensures
a lasting superior finish. as Part of this service Munster Truck and Trailer also
provide full trailer refurbishment. Sandblasting and spraypainting of trucks,
trailers, gates, tanks machinery and tractors are carried out with meticulous
precision by Munster Truck and Trailer, with excellent results.

If your company is involved in construction then you know what happens to clean
metal parts like panels and soldiers (used in concrete forming) or scaffolding. 
Typically they get covered in lumps of cement and rust. Re-using them means
cleaning them and there is no better method than sand-blasting to achieve this.

But it's not just large construction companies that can benefit from this service. 
Munster Truck and Trailer has cleaned up old brickwork for renovation works we
have even cleaned up a steel boat keel!

We have the very latest equipment incorporating a full blast cabinet and all the
required abrasives and nozzles to provide blast cleaning of any mobile parts in
our facility and for the sandblasting and restoration of buildings or immovable
parts, we offer a mobile blast cleaning service.

Additionally, many customers require spray painting services once the blast
cleaning is complete and so we provide professional spray painting, allowing
us to provide a simple one-stop solution for your cleaning and painting needs.

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